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Michael F. Petrie, CMB

Randall D. Rogers, CMB

Sondra S. Emberton
Senior Vice President

John H. Petrie
Senior Vice President

Patti Hamaker
Vice President - Controller

p>Michael R. Dury
Vice President - Originations

Randall D. Rogers, Jr.
Assistant Vice President - Originations

Jeffrey T. Spahn
Vice President - Originations

David Hines
Vice President - Underwriter

Matthew E. Kaercher
Assistant Vice President - Underwriter

Bettina LeMere
Loan Underwriter

D. Michelle Small
Underwriter & Compliance Officer

Timothy Van Rooy
Assistant Vice President - Underwriter

Peggy A. Clingan
Assistant Vice President - Processing

Marci Kreigh
Senior Loan Processor

Stephanie Russell
Loan Processor

Nisha Cuellar
Vice President - Investor Accounting

Chris Edwards
Investor Accounting Administrative Assistant

Julie Major
Assistant Vice President - Senior Investor Accounting Officer

John E. Barger
Vice President - Asset Management

Angela Echard
Portfolio Manager - Construction Loan Analyst

Renée Hutsell
Portfolio Manager

Amanda Krebs
Portfolio Manager

Vicki Major
Assistant Vice President - Construction Loan Administrator

Cheryl Martin
Assistant Vice President - Asset Management

Randy Winters
Assistant Vice President - Servicing

Brian Sullivan
Asistant Vice President - Trading

Christin Currie
Executive Assistant

Ali Low

John E. Barger

Vice President - Assest Management


Mr. Barger brings more than 20 years of real estate appraisal, sales, property inspection and servicing experience to the P/R Mortgage team. He currently serves as the vice president of the servicing department and is the chief property inspector for the firm.

A 1982 graduate of the Indiana University School of Business, Mr. Barger is a certified REAC inspector for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a Certified Residential Appraiser and a registered Indiana Real Estate Salesperson. With P/R, his responsibilities include over-seeing all aspects of the servicing portfolio asset managers which includes; client relations, construction draws, real estate taxes, insurance, required repairs, compliance with lender regulations, and escrow administration. He ensures all loans in the P/R portfolio have their annual inspections and is the inspector trainer for all other lenders within the P/R portfolio.

An avid golfer, Mr. Barger lives in Indianapolis with his wife and children.