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Michael F. Petrie, CMB

Randall D. Rogers, CMB

Sondra S. Emberton
Senior Vice President

John H. Petrie
Senior Vice President

Patti Hamaker
Vice President - Controller

Michael R. Dury
Vice President - Originations

Randall D. Rogers, Jr.
Assistant Vice President - Originations

Jeffrey T. Spahn
Vice President - Originations

David Hines
Vice President - Underwriter

Matthew E. Kaercher
Assistant Vice President - Underwriter

Bettina LeMere
Loan Underwriter

D. Michelle Small
Underwriter & Compliance Officer

Timothy Van Rooy
Assistant Vice President - Underwriter

Peggy A. Clingan
Assistant Vice President - Processing

Marci Kreigh
Senior Loan Processor

Stephanie Russell
Loan Processor

Nisha Cuellar
Vice President - Investor Accounting

Chris Edwards
Investor Accounting Administrative Assistant

Julie Major
Assistant Vice President - Senior Investor Accounting Officer

John E. Barger
Vice President - Asset Management

Angela Echard
Portfolio Manager - Construction Loan Analyst

Renée Hutsell
Portfolio Manager

Amanda Krebs
Portfolio Manager

Vicki Major
Assistant Vice President - Construction Loan Administrator

Cheryl Martin
Assistant Vice President - Asset Management

Randy Winters
Assistant Vice President - Servicing

Brian Sullivan
Asistant Vice President - Trading

Christin Currie
Executive Assistant

Ali Low

Chris Edwards

Investor Accounting Administrative Assistant

PhotoNaming a specific position for Ms. Edwards is somewhat problematic as she wears a number of hats for the P/R Mortgage team since her joining the organization in 2000.

A graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 1999, Ms. Edwards serves the firm as receptionist, administrative assistant and systems administrator as well as many other roles as they become necessary.

Prior to joining P/R, Ms. Edwards worked part time while a student at the IUPUI Testing Center and prior to attending school full time, she worked in the installment loan department for a once locally owned bank.

A confessed sports fanatic, Ms. Edwards spends her free time cheering on her favorite teams as a member of the IU Alumni Association, the IU Varsity Club and the Cardinal Nation. She also enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.